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Floor Springs and Transom Closers

Floor Springs and Transom Closer products:

Below you can see a range of Dorma Floor Springs and Transom Closers that we can supply and fit for your commercial premises.

DORMA BTS 75 V Floor Springs

Universal floor springs

The DORMA BTS 75 V is a highly adaptable floor spring suitable for all standard single-action and double-action doors with widths up to 1100 mm, with its closing force individually regulated by means of an adjustment screw.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

Universal application range

Whether standard, narrow or wide, whether LH, RH, or single or double-action – the DORMA BTS 75 V door spring is designed for all types of doors. A comprehensive program of accessories ensures that it can be used successfully with a wide variety of door constructions and floor coverings.

Maximum reliability and quality

Thanks to a wide range of functions which can be individually selected to suit different requirements, DORMA BTS 75 V floor springs offer maximum reliability and quality.


  • Suitable for installation with LH or RH single and double action doors
  • Interchangeable spindles enable easy adaptation to structural conditions – even when retrofitted
  • Concealed installation for maximum visual elegance
  • All essential functions provided
  • Proven, robust design
  • Constant, temperature independent closing cycle
  • Highly efficient mechanism gives maximum user convenience

Dorma door products by Loddon Doors

Dorma BTS75 floorspring 

DORMA RTS 85 door closers

Transom concealed door closers

The DORMA RTS 85 transom concealed door closer offers a solution for installations where door control must be provided without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the door. A complete line of accessories is available to accommodate virtually any door and frame configuration.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.


  • Just one closer body for all types of fixing
  • Low inventory costs and minimal stocking requirement thanks to unit packs for closer body and accessories
  • Can be used for double action doors, or left and right hand single action doors
  • Installation and setting adjustment possible before installing the doorset on site
  • No floor preparation necessary
  • Positive "zero" position for double action doors - easy to adjust
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Aesthetically impressive solution - especially with toughened glass doors
  • Ideal for shopfitting applications
  • No cluttering of door or floor appearance
  • Backcheck to prevent door contact with frame
  • Smooth closing with adjustable closing speed

Dorma door products by Loddon Doors

Dorma RTS85 transom closer

Axim FS6000 Universal Floor Springs - up to 150 Kgs

The Axim Series of Floor Springs are closing devices that are discreetly installed under the threshold of the door. By installing the closing device into the floor, the mechanism can handle larger, heavier doors and is ideal for high traffic, commercial applications.  Due to this support, the floor spring is robust and able to provide greater longevity.


  • FS6000 is a universal floor spring providing a solution for left and right doors
  • FS6000 – Floor Spring – Doors up to 150kg
  • Double action operation available
  • Dependent on the application “no hold” and 90 degree “hold open” available
  • Full hydraulic control
  • Closing range of 180-15 degrees
  • Latching range 15-0 degrees
  • Extended spindle inserts – catering for all door types

Axim door products by Loddon Doors

Axim FS6000 Universal Floor Spring

Axim TC8800 Series Concealed Transom Closers

Is a hidden closing solution held integrally in the door leaf and transom so the door requires no external hardware creating an aesthetically pleasing solution. The correct closing solution is dependent on the door and configuration. The unit has three power sizes and “no hold” or “hold open” control options in each concealed Transom Closer.


  • Suitable for single and double action doors
  • Extended spindle models
  • 2 valves for closing and latching speed adjustment
  • Preset cushion back-check
  • No hold-open or mechanical hold-open options
  • 3 strengths available: light, medium or heavy duty for door widths up to 1150mm wide and 100 Kgs in weight
  • Standard & Anti finger trap package options are available
  • Dummy unit available

Axim TC9900 Universal Concealed Transom Closers


  • Simple solution door closer complementing the TC88OO
  • Offering the functionality of TC88OO
  • Universal replacement unit with fixings
  • Easy quick  installation
  • Replace closer without costly door modifications

Axim Transom Closers from Loddon Doors 

Axim TC9900 Universal Concealed Transom Closers 

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